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About us

Arne Rohweder

Landscape Artist & Cartographer

Arne completed his apprenticeship in cartography at Orell Füssli Kartographie AG in Zurich, Switzerland. Between 1983 and 1990 he was involved in the production of the New Swiss World Atlas under Prof. E. Spiess (University Professor at the ETH Zurich). Afterwards, he settled with Orell Füssli Graphic Arts Ltd. training as a landscape artist. Between 1992 and 2008 he was self-employed. In 2008, he founded Arne Rohweder Ltd., which specializes in the creation of ski slope maps, panoramic maps, illustrated maps, recreation maps, ski and hiking trail maps.

Martina Rohweder

Cartography & Illustration

Martina has many years of experience in map publishing, map production, graphic design and illustration. She is author of various travel maps published by Gecko Maps, Reise Know-How, Rough Guides and National Geographic Maps.