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About Panorama

Production and Manufacture of Panoramic Maps

Many similar terms are also used for the panoramic map, such as panorama, relief panorama, panorama map, bird's-eye view map, 3D map, 3-dimensional map, three-dimensional map, plastic map, plastic panorama, panoramic image, photorealistic maps. In English they are called panoramic map, trail map or ski map.

A panoramic map is a pictorial map that illustrates geographic conditions by covering a large viewing angle as seen from the air (or from a "bird's eye view"). The special effect unfolds through the plastic representation of the landscape.

We change the landscape or the cityscape in the panorama map in such a way that the viewer has an optimal view of an area, can look into a valley that would remain hidden to him or reduce a city to the essential sights without the tourist noticing or at least not being bothered by it. Because all that matters to him is that he gets the information he is looking for and needs for a specific purpose.

A panoramic map provides initial information about an area. So it is not about the absolute reality-faithful cartographic image in a certain scale, but about the creation of an idealised image, which is supplemented with information in terms of content. This can be a skiing area, a hiking region, a town or even a fairground. The viewer gets a quick overview of the special features of the area, which the panorama painter emphasises.

3D Panoramic Map as Digital Elevation Model DEM

We can optimize 3D computer models according to customer requirements.

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